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June 2009

In-site banners

When you say “banners” or “flash banners” people tend to think of banner ads. That’s because usually web banners are by definition a form of online advertising. And you too probably use them to advertise…

But how about placing your own banners on your own website? I’m talking about banners that lead to another page within your website. This way you could “advertise”…

  • a promotion or a special offer,
  • an article or any content you’d like your visitors to read
  • a new product
  • a newsletter or subscription
  • your blog
  • etc.

Customers exposed to ads spend more money online

For marketers who want to start an online ad campaign and for the ones that already did but are not sure about its success, the Online Publisher’s Association (OPA) released a new study. It is called “The Silent Click: Building Brands Online” and confirms the fact that display ads create brand awareness.

The study had the purpose to analyze the behavior of the customers who were exposed to display advertising. It was conducted by comScore who researched 80 big brand campaigns across 200 sites, over a month.

The findings, as written by OPA on their website:

  • One in five conduct related searches and one in three visit the brands’ sites
  • Users spent over 50% more time than the average visitor to these sites and consumed more pages
  • Users spent about 10% more money online overall, and significantly more on product categories related to the advertised brands
  • Higher income audiences visited the advertisers sites

Here you can read OPA’s press release regarding the study.

“Our condolences to BMW, Mercedes and Lexus”

Says Hyundai. Now that’s a headline!

I wonder if the guys who made this ad ever heard about negative campaigning.They wouldn’t be the first, nor the last.

However, what puzzles me is the ad’s possible subtle meanings. You know, auto industry… recession… financial crisis… the Big Three? Oh, but what am I talking about? None of the cars mentioned in this ad is made by the Big Three… Knowing this automatically makes it acceptable, right?