Make Black Friday ads with the new Bannersnack


There are less than 20 days left before Black Friday 2013, the most important day of the year for many retailers and service businesses. This means there is a lot of planning going on: campaigns, emails, offers that you or your marketing team are working on right now to boost the Black Friday sales. If the planning involves online advertising, we have a tip: create banner ads with BannerSnack.

Practical tips on monetizing your blog

How could I monetize my blog?

This is a question many bloggers ask themselves when their “careers” reach a certain point. The truth is, it’s not easy. Except for the case your blog has a skyrocketing success and advertisers imminently hear about you… But most blogs aren’t like that. And don’t have to. Most blogs “grow” slowly and steadily and many successful ones treat a certain subject, or niche.