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20 Creative Health Ads Examples to Get Inspired by

Advertising and digital marketing are proven ways to boost awareness and attract more customers for products or medical services.

In fact, advertising budgets for this industry are growing at a constant rate, and the spend is expected to boost with at least 3,6% in 2020. At the same time, companies are starting to invest less in TV advertising.

As you already know, Bannersnack allows you to design amazing ads that you can use for both online and offline advertising.

In fact, the average individual gets in contact with more than 1.700 banner ads per month and only notices half of them. That’s because most of them fail to deliver a quick and compelling message to the audience.

automotive ad examples

15 Automotive Ad Examples and Inspiration

Nowadays, we are bombarded with information from almost every direction, so it’s understandable why people are starting to trust ads less.

While this may be true, when you work in the automotive industry, you still need to announce your audience about a new car release, when you have a new offer, and so on.