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social media design tips

9+1 (FREE) – Design Tips For Your Social Media Posts

Since social media represent such a big part of our lives and if you don’t have a social account, people say that you don’t exist. Social media posts are now, more than ever, very important hooks in a marketing campaign. It is a fact that all these platforms are more than ever part of a market that brands want to explore. But the market is changing rapidly, thus making hard for services/products to adapt with ease.

Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads – The No Email, Email Marketing

Whether or not you work in digital marketing, I’m pretty sure you are already familiar with the term email marketing, AdWords and Gmail ads.

But just to make sure, let’s give email marketing a quick and brief definition.

Email marketing is:

  • A form of direct marketing used in the digital environment.
  • The operation of addressing to a person/group of people with a commercial purpose.