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The Secrets Of Music Ads Revealed: 10 Gorgeous Banner Ads From The Music Industry

Music artists face many challenges, but they benefit greatly from today’s media advancements. For example, a few decades ago, singers didn’t have the internet to advertise their records and tours. Today, music marketing uses a mix of offline and online channels to promote tours, sell tickets and albums. Music stars must work closely with their advertising agencies to build a unitary and outstanding strategy.

free social media templates- Facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, pinterest

The FREE Social Media Templates Pack You Need To Take Off

Stop improvising and start using professional graphics!

Your presence here means that you’ve had enough with improvising on Social Media and have finally acknowledged the importance of high-quality promotional materials. Like many, you’ve postponed investing in better-looking visuals, for a long time. Hiring a dedicated designer for your Social Media posts was never on top of your priorities list. Somehow, you have your own marketing plan and manage a social media content calendar to show up on Social Media every day with recycled materials from other “more important media” or with “borrowed” images. But the sad truth eventually hit you with every monthly analytics report: low engagement rates, a handful of page visits, a stagnant number of followers and non-existent conversion rates.

banner CTA Button design

20 Cool & Clickable Banner Button Designs – Big Brands Inspiration

With so many details to consider when creating a banner ad, button design may seem like a rather unimportant aspect. After all, it’s just a button.

Well, seasoned designers may have something to say about this. Actually, they strongly emphasize the importance of button design in online banners, because they are essential elements of interaction design. The placement, color, size, and call to action of a button may or may not entice people to click an ad. Thus, the success of a campaign can hang on a tiny thing like button design.

cool and easy to create animation effects for banner ads

Animate & Activate With Easy-To-Create Animation Effects For Ads

As a designer (or aspiring designer) working in the advertising industry, you must stay up-to-date with the latest and coolest ads trends and animation techniques.

Given that the web is the fastest evolving organism on Earth and that Google Ads are continuously changing their requirements for ads file formats and sizes, you (and all of us) must keep up, explore and master new ways to craft web ads that fit the standards and impress the audience.

finest hand writen fonts for advertising

The Finest 50 Hand Lettering Fonts

Hand lettering fonts can add so much character to an ad’s design. From handwritten brushed fonts to romantic and elegant lettering, these fonts can emphasize a headline’s meaning, make it sound friendly, funny or alluring. As a designer operating in the advertising industry, you need expressive fonts to complement your designs and increase the ad’s chances to engage and convert.