Find out which advertising platform works best for your business.

Find Out Which Advertising Platform Works Best For Your Business

We are so lucky to be living in this effervescent digital age that allows businesses of all sizes to thrive on campaigns run exclusively through online advertising platforms.

Whether you’re a small business owner or the CEO of a multinational company, you need to reach customers online, where they are spending their time.

With lowered-priced smartphones and free WIFI, more and more people are turning to the internet, rather than watching TV or engaging in other entertainment media. Zenith Media predicts people will soon be spending more time online than on any other major media (TV).

how to create rich media ad

How to create rich media ads – 9 simple steps

Rich media ads contribute a great deal to making the internet a more interesting, fun and worthwhile place to be. So, it’s a very exciting time for online marketing

Rich media advertisements have been around for a few years, but recently they’ve reached new heights thanks to the HTML5 technology. HTML5 allows agencies to create innovative and unparalleled interactive ads that enlarge, float, start playing videos or roll out a game the moment they’re touched by the mouse.