create a rich media ad

Rich Media Ads: Show Off, Stand Out, Seal The Deal

It’s a very exciting time for online marketing and rich media ads contribute a great deal to making the internet a more interesting, fun and worthwhile place to be.

Rich media advertisements have been around for a few years, but recently they’ve reached new heights thanks to the HTML5 technology. HTML5 allows agencies to create innovative and unparalleled interactive ads that enlarge, float, start playing videos or roll out a game the moment they’re touched by the mouse.

animated email gif

Email Marketing Inspiration: 15 Animated GIF Examples

Are you on the hunt for some inspiration to build your next email? You couldn’t have found a better place to start. Join me on a five-minute reading journey as I present you 15 animated GIF examples and break down the steps of the creation process.

You can (and you will) start creating an animated GIF for your email today, as soon as you finish reading this article. Believe me.