Mako Lehel Mor

Graphic & brand designer.

3 important steps in the rebranding process

rebrand = /riːˈbrænd/


(transitive) to change or update the image of (an organization, service or product)

– simply said by dictionary – but actually, this process in depth analysis will show you that it’s not that simple.

Let’s imagine that you want to change your look after a long time of having the same image that you thought was fashionable and inspiring for others. You think you are cool, fashionable, trendy. But one day you realize that the others look much better than you do, and people don’t look at you as they used to, maybe you were not that cool after all.

The importance of branding in (the right) banner ads

Today we have a guest post from Mako Lehel Mor founder and designer of BrandMor. He graduated Art Direction in advertising, but soon Lehel has discovered branding and specialized himself in that discipline. Over the years (10 years in branding) he collaborated with national and international clients delivering a relevant and engaging communication strategy for them. Besides BrandMor Lehel is collaborating with Ampro Design Consultants a leading branding agency in Romania.