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5 types of Retargeting every Marketer should know

Digital marketing is a fast paced field. Even if new marketing technologies tend to be slowly adopted (think marketing automation, programmatic ad buying), digital marketing concepts and tactics spread easily.

If you need proof, think how fast viewability became one of the buzzwords for 2015 advertising predictions after Google dropped the bomb that only 54% of online ad impressions are viewable.

Even if retargeting has been around for some while, the concept has changed, grown and adapted to fit many tactics. If you don’t want to appear silly, read on and get acquainted with all the available retargeting forms.

5 ways to build trust in your display ads

What are the odds that you’ll click the next banner ad you see? Some stats suggest that you’re more likely to survive a plane crash or give birth to twins than to click a banner ad.

Even if scary, stats like that are based on some cold, hard facts.

Display advertising campaigns are renowned for their critically low click through rates, when compared to search advertising campaigns.

Your Guide to Google Display Ads

Whether you want to start running display ads to get more customers or whether you want to start retargeting on the Google Display Network, you need to create specific ads. With this Google display ad guide you will find the answers for your questions:

What size should you choose for your Google display ads? One or more slides? What should you add in your ad? Is there anything you can do to get better performance?

What’s great about display advertising is that they go beyond text. You can use images, text, colors, buttons and even animations to convey your message more effectively.