Bannersnack will discontinue the Flash editor

As you may already know, some of our main objectives are to keep up with the industry trends and to give our users the best tool to create awesome Banner Ads for their needs, while also trying to develop a product that is relevant for the industry.

Many of you guys have been with us from the very first day we launched Bannersnack. But if you don’t know the story, let me tell you how Bannersnack began its journey.

In 2007 we were working on a product that was the bestselling Flash component ever to help users create Flash animations without having to know how to code. Most of the people were using FlashEff to create animated Banner Ads at that time. The tagline was “Art without coding”. The only thing with FlashEff was that it required downloading and installing. This is why we wanted to give everyone interested in Banner Advertising the opportunity to create professional, high-quality Banner Ads without having to download and install third-party software.

That’s how we came to build Bannersnack, the pioneer in online banner ad design, before Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat were parts of our lives.

Over time we worked very hard to stay up to date with the standards the industry required. So when companies like Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple and Facebook said that they would migrate from Flash to HTML5, WebGL and Web Assembly, we understood that Flash wasn’t going to be a viable platform on the long term.

This is why we launched our new HTML5 editor in 2016, a much needed addition to our platform and a feature many of you asked for. 

Today we are announcing you, our friends and users, that we will discontinue our Flash Editor.

More specifically, you will still be able to create Flash banners until October 1st, 2017, when the Create Flash Banner option will cease to function. All the content you will have in your account at that time will be available for editing until February 1st, 2018. After that, all Flash banners in your account will no longer be accessible. We are aware that many of you are still using the Flash editor to edit your Banner Ads and download as MP4. Taking that into consideration, we will do our best to make sure that when we discontinue the Flash editor, you will be able to download MP4 files in our HTML5 editor.

Our plan is to continue growing and improving so that you, designer, marketers or small business owners, will have access to the best tool to create amazing Banner Ads and social media visuals.