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Do Things Faster by Being Lazy Smart with Jeremie Moritz

Welcome back to the Drag & Drop Show!

In this episode, we talk with Jeremie Moritz from Absolut Elyx. Brand and Digital Director, Jeremie is responsible for the development and execution of the premium brand’s integrated marketing plans. 

Our host, John Biggs, takes Jeremie to a very interesting discussion starting from how to tell a story as a brand to how to know what are the most efficient strategies in marketing.

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Beauty Should Not Be the Starting Point for Design – with Juuli Kiiskinen

Welcome back to the Drag & Drop Show!

Design and art are two concepts that have been used together for so long that separating them is an often-overlooked affair. While many designers adhere to the: “beauty sells” policy and put all their efforts into mastering the visual realm, there’s still a question that stands above all others in the advertising world: “What sells better, art or design?”.