financial marketing

Financial Marketing in 2020: Key Trends to Follow

Although financial marketing trends are always changing and evolving, one thing still remains the same—building better relationships with customers.

In 2016, CoinTelegraph reported that 92% of millennials don’t trust banks. Considering millennials are a significantly large proportion of the current workforce, that’s a lot of people to need to get onside. That’s where digital marketing for financial services come into play. 

Facebook Carousel Ads examples

12 Creative Facebook Carousel Ads Examples + Templates

In 2014, Facebook introduced a new feature that seemed to be the missing link for businesses that want to advertise their products in a creative way and increase engagement—carousel ads.

From that moment on, thanks to the expanded ad space, advertisers had extra room to tell their brand’s story and display products through rich content, integrated into a single, eye-catching ad.

Clipping Masks

How to Use Clipping Masks in Bannersnack (New Feature)

We’ve done it again! This month has been full of feature releases, and we’re here to announce yet another one. This time it’s all about clipping masks—a new feature that will allow you to get even more creative with your designs.

Thanks to clipping masks, you can say goodbye to workarounds. In Bannersnack, you now have access to plenty of masks, so you don’t need to create them from scratch in Photoshop or Illustrator. 

Geometric shapes in design

Geometric Shapes in Design: How to Use Them Creatively

Our everyday life means constantly interacting with different objects, which resemble various shapes, from basic to abstract ones.

What’s interesting about shapes is that they can make us feel a certain way. This means that you can use them to create graphic design materials that evoke particular emotions.

A powerful communication strategy is all about pairing the right message with a great design to achieve the desired results.