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Bannersnack Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

This is how you can create awesome visuals easier and faster.

Discover and learn all the shortcuts of our main app, to improve your productivity and workflow when creating single banner designs.

We hope these tricks will help you create great social media posts, animated and static display ads or wherever you need a little bling.

Bannersnack Keyboard Shortcuts

How to make Google Approve you banner ad Bannersnack banner maker

Infographic: Make Google Approve Your Banner Ad


In the last twenty years, the online changed the marketing experience both for the marketers and customers.

Since the birth of the banner ads in 1994, the marketing world took a dramatic turn to the online. When Google introduced search engine ads and Pay Per Click in 2004 – the concept, style and strategies to get customers reinvented the online interaction. 

Infographic: The modern designer

The modern designer infographic Bannersnack

Graphic design is constantly evolving. Along with it, designers must evolve as well. We believe that there are 11 characteristics that should define the modern designer. Having these 11 attributes enables him to be ahead of the competition.

See below what it takes to be a modern designer. If there is something we left out, please let us know in the comments below.