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Create an Awesome Facebook Cover Video In 3 Minutes

Did you know that you can now create a Facebook cover video in just a few minutes? And, that you can enhance your page and attract more fans and shares simply by doing that? Well, it is true. And, with this article, I will walk you through the basic steps of video cover creation and at the same time, explain the reasons behind such a process through the latest numbers and of course, some real-life examples.

free social media templates- Facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, pinterest

The FREE Social Media Templates Pack You Need To Take Off

Stop improvising and start using professional graphics!

Your presence here means that you’ve had enough with improvising on Social Media and have finally acknowledged the importance of high-quality promotional materials. Like many, you’ve postponed investing in better-looking visuals, for a long time. Hiring a dedicated designer for your Social Media posts was never on top of your priorities list. Somehow, you have your own marketing plan and manage a social media content calendar to show up on Social Media every day with recycled materials from other “more important media” or with “borrowed” images. But the sad truth eventually hit you with every monthly analytics report: low engagement rates, a handful of page visits, a stagnant number of followers and non-existent conversion rates.

social media design tips

9+1 (FREE) – Design Tips For Your Social Media Posts

Since social media represent such a big part of our lives and if you don’t have a social account, people say that you don’t exist. Social media posts are now, more than ever, very important hooks in a marketing campaign. It is a fact that all these platforms are more than ever part of a market that brands want to explore. But the market is changing rapidly, thus making hard for services/products to adapt with ease.

LinkedIn banner

LinkedIn Banner: How To Optimize Your Profile to Earn Website Traffic

Social media in general and LinkedIn in particular, are proven effective channels to conduct content marketing and direct marketing as well.

Small business owners, professional individuals and big companies alike are using LinkedIn banners, articles and pages in order to communicate with their followers and fans and at the same time, to attract more people and spread the word about their brands, values, businesses and so on.