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Advertising plays a big role in a companies online presence that’s why we constantly write about everything related to online advertising.

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How to Use Native Advertising If You Have a Small Business?

Native advertising is a concept that at least during the past few years, got into the mainstream and it seems to be on everyone’s lips. Marketers and advertisers continue to invest time and money in it and it seems to work, at least for now.

How effective are these types of ads and how can they be integrated into small business’ marketing/advertising strategy? With this article, I am going to try and answer these questions and shed some light on the entire concept.


The 2018 Banner Ad Design Statistics and Trends (New Research)

Since the dawn of the Internet as we know it, banner ads were viewed and exploited as one of the most effective ways available for marketers and advertisers who needed to present their products or services to their customers. However, every industry evolves and adapts to the market based on customers’ attitude and of course, the present trends. Therefore, while banner advertising may prove to be a great choice, in the end, your results will depend mostly on how you manage to adapt to your own present market.

In order to adapt, you need to know how. You need to possess the knowledge, the theory and the method altogether.

create a rich media ad

Rich Media Ads: Show Off, Stand Out, Seal The Deal

It’s a very exciting time for online marketing and rich media ads contribute a great deal to making the internet a more interesting, fun and worthwhile place to be.

Rich media advertisements have been around for a few years, but recently they’ve reached new heights thanks to the HTML5 technology. HTML5 allows agencies to create innovative and unparalleled interactive ads that enlarge, float, start playing videos or roll out a game the moment they’re touched by the mouse.