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Advertising plays a big role in a companies online presence that’s why we constantly write about everything related to online advertising.

Youtube Thumbnail Bannersnack

How to Create an Awesome YouTube Thumbnail | A Step-by-Step Guide

Because a thumbnail is the face of your video and it’s what reaches your viewer first, it will play a huge deciding factor in whether or not someone will watch your video.

You need to be sure that within a matter of seconds, your thumbnail accurately portrays what your video is about, has captivating visuals, is original and branded, and is easy to read and interpret. What you need is an efficient thumbnail maker.

Facebook event photo size

This Is The Facebook Event Photo Size (2019) + FREE Templates & Guides

There’s a real debate on the web around the correct Facebook event photo size. So, we’ve made sure to provide you with the exact size for the Facebook event cover image so you can create your event and publish it on Facebook right away.

Also, you’ll find in this article a collection of Facebook event image templates that our design team has put together. Plus, a guide to creating spectacular cover images and Facebook events pages.

Whether you’re a brand organizing an event, or a regular person hosting a party, this article will help you to set up an event, create a cool Facebook cover image and invite people to your event.

Let’s roll!

What is the Facebook event photo size?

I’ve seen many failed Facebook event covers. Some were too small to fit the space that Facebook offers for an event header, so they got stretched to the maximum and lost their quality. And others were simply not created on a landscape view, which made them too tall and got their top area cut down by Facebook.

If you stick to the size below, you’ll make sure you avoid all errors and have yourself a perfect Facebook cover image.

The recommended Facebook event cover photo size is 1200 x 628 pixels.

That is a 1.91 : 1 ratio, to be more precise.

Facebook event cover size

However, you can create a cover image that is 1920 x 1005 pixels, it will look just as fine since it’s the same ratio.

Facebook event cover image templates

Our design team has created dozens of beautiful Facebook event cover image templates. Browse through our selection of templates below to find one that suits your event type and click to start editing and customizing it right now. If you can’t find one that works for your event, create one from scratch. Upload your own images, logo and add your details. Then, simply download it to your computer and upload it to Facebook.


Tips & tricks to create a stunning Facebook event cover

1. Use an eye-catching image.

Your event will appear in people’s Newsfeed, on your page, and in Facebook’s event suggestions. Unless you have an appealing image, your event will be left unnoticed.

So, instead of using the same stock images everyone else is using, try taking some photos yourself (or buy one) and select one that is both high-quality and representative for your brand.

Facebook event cover

Credit: Wellness Festival 

2. Add the date and venue of the event.

This one goes without saying, but in the rush to post something on Facebook, many people forget these elementary marketing things.

So, don’t upload your Facebook event cover image unless you’ve added all the information about your event. Also, make sure the text is legible and clear.


Credit: Moishe House

3. Use branding elements to make the event easily recognizable.

Use your brand’s logo, name, color palette and fonts to allow people to recognize your brand.

Whether you’re creating a photo cover or an illustration, your brand signature is a must.


Credit: Granny’s Attic Craft Show

4. Find an appealing name for your event.

Never organize an event without a high-sounding name. Never create a Facebook event without a name.

The name of the event will be the first thing that will inform the people about what’s going on, and what type of event you’re hosting. So, find a name that is both explanatory and creative and place it center-stage on your banner!  


Credit: Madonna 

How to create an event on Facebook

Creating a Facebook event is simple, yet there are a few secrets that can boost your reach and encourage conversations around your event. Here they are:

1. Go to the Events section of your page.


2. Click Create event and start filling in your details.


Upload your cover image, add a name for your event, a location and a compelling description.

The first paragraph of the description will be shown in people’s feeds and it will be the first thing that people see when they visit your event. So, concentrate the most important information in these sentences and make sure it’s creative enough for people to want to know more.

If you’ve got an impressive venue, tell them about the venue. If your event’s goal is a charitable action, start with a heart-melting sentence. You get the picture.

Then, set the hours and date.

3. Add your collaborators to the event for a broader reach.

If you’re co-hosting the event with someone else, type in their page name and make sure you’re tagging them in the event hosting. This will allow you to reach this page’s followers and gain broader visibility.

4. Select posting permission.

It’s always a good idea to post regularly in your event to keep people updated about upcoming news. If you want to be the only one posting in your event and avoid uncomfortable discussions, select Only admins can post.

However, if you’d like to give everyone a chance to ask questions and post in your event, then select Anyone can post.


5. Hit Publish.

Let’s get the party started!

Now you know the correct Facebook event photo size, have a dozen templates to choose from and have received the best tips to set up your event page. You’re all geared up to publish your event on Facebook!

So, go ahead, launch your event and get people enrolled!  


Illustration by Anita Molnar