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work from home

How to Be Productive While Working From Home

Bannersnack’s priority is the health and safety of our employees and community, including business partners and candidates.

As a precaution against the novel coronavirus, organizations across the globe are being forced to adapt quickly, including us. Companies such as Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and many more are urging their employees to work from home, as the entire business world has joined forces to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Valentines Day design

Design A Heart-Melting Valentine’s Day Banner In Bannersnack

One of the most romantic days of the year is almost here. Chocolate, heart-shaped candies, pink decorations, and love declarations will define this period.

Cupid’s work is done and now it’s our job to do the rest.

Valentine’s Day represents an opportunity to make your brand stand out and increase sales, especially if you’re in the retail, hospitality, entertainment, transportation, or beauty industry. 

Michael Norris - The Drag & Drop Podcast

Cutting Through the Noise Is All About Creating Quality Content – with Michael Norris

Welcome back to the Drag & Drop Show!

There are three main types of marketers out there, all working for similar purposes, but in different organizational structures, dwelling with different resources and budgets. The first type works for a full-grown company, usually as part of its marketing department. The second one operates in a multi-purpose agency, and the other one works as an independent freelancer.

Art vs Design - The Drag & Drop Show, A Podcast by Bannersnack

Beauty Should Not Be the Starting Point for Design – with Juuli Kiiskinen

Welcome back to the Drag & Drop Show!

Design and art are two concepts that have been used together for so long that separating them is an often-overlooked affair. While many designers adhere to the: “beauty sells” policy and put all their efforts into mastering the visual realm, there’s still a question that stands above all others in the advertising world: “What sells better, art or design?”.