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The 2018 Banner Ad Design Statistics and Trends (New Research)

Since the dawn of the Internet as we know it, banner ads were viewed and exploited as one of the most effective ways available for marketers and advertisers who needed to present their products or services to their customers. However, every industry evolves and adapts to the market based on customers’ attitude and of course, the present trends. Therefore, while banner advertising may prove to be a great choice, in the end, your results will depend mostly on how you manage to adapt to your own present market.

In order to adapt, you need to know how. You need to possess the knowledge, the theory and the method altogether.

download swf player

Download Adobe standalone SWF player

*This article was updated on 20.06.2018

Now that you can export the banners you created with BannerSnack to SWF files, you might want to play them independently of your browser. The first thing you can think of is to download Adobe Flash Player. But since you used BannerSnack, that means you already have the flash player installed. However Adobe Flash Player won’t solve your problem, as it still uses a browser to play SWF files, and you need a player that would play the SWFs independently, right?

Don’t search for “adobe swf player” as you will get this page. Dead end.