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Publish Ads with a CMP Using the Power of AdTags

I should start this article by giving you a little bit of context regarding the roots of Bannersnack.

At first, Bannersnack started out as a platform focused on helping people create banner ads for display advertising.

The main goal was to improve publishers’ productivity levels by providing a solution that would allow them to cut the time spent on display ad design.

Not only that, but we also wanted to provide the highest quality possible for both static and animated ads.

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Introducing Design for Print with Bannersnack

Print is not dead. It’s actually everywhere. 

You walk down the street and see a concert poster. You go to a restaurant and look over the menu to order your food. Then, you go to a business meeting and exchange business cards. 

We are on a mission to empower anyone to create high-quality visuals in an efficient and easy way.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our newest feature: Design for Print with Bannersnack