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what is a brand logo

What Is a Logo? Logo Design From A to Z

Your brand logo is not necessarily the first thing people notice about your brand, but it’s definitely an integral part of your brand identity, one that can impact how consumers perceive your company.

A good brand logo acts as the foundation of your company and will help customers understand what you do, why you are, and what your values are.

Thanksgiving cards graphic design

11 Eye-Catching Printable Thanksgiving Cards & Invitations for 2020

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I came up with the 11 best thanksgiving cards and invitation examples for you to “gobble” up.

Don’t run out of “thyme” looking around for great printable Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving cards to give out this season.

Take a look at all of these Thanksgiving card examples and be inspired to make your own, or just use one of our ready-made Thanksgiving invitation templates.