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Top 20 Cool Banner Fonts You Can Use Right Now

Today, you can design a banner in just a few minutes and use one of the thousands of banner fonts available for all design tools, to adjust your message and make it sell your story. There are no limits when it comes to banner design beside your own inspiration and intuition.

Not so long ago, however, when computers were not in the mainstream, and advertising relied only on printed media inserts and outdoor displays, the marketer’s job was infinitely more difficult. Not to mention that the choice of fonts was limited to a few typefaces. Metal fonts were stored in metal boxes and texts were assembled manually, letter by letter.

What is a GIF banner ad?

What is a GIF banner ad?

What is better than a picture but takes less time to create than a video?  A gif banner, of course! 

This is the third and last “lesson” regarding the differences between the flash, static and gif banners. You can read the previous articles here and here. Today we’ll talk about gif banners.