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best book covers

15 Of The Most Famous and Best Book Covers Of All Time + Their Stories

The best book covers are the ones that become symbols of the books. An iconic design and simple, yet powerful elements, can turn into an integrated part of the book, so you can’t imagine it ever having another cover design. 

There are two kinds of books out there: those that you enjoy while reading, but you forget about them as soon as you finish them, and those that stay with you forever.

Minimalist book cover design ideas

18 Remarkable Minimalist Book Covers To Get You Inspired

When you think about the old books from your library, you think about the stories that took you places you’ve never been before and not so much about their covers. They’re old, dusty, maybe even in slightly bad shape.

It’s different when you want to start creating a beautiful collection of books—first editions, special editions, or other unique collections—because you’ll care about their covers too.

how to make a book cover

Designing Book Covers 101: How to Make a Book Cover From Scratch

If you had a dollar for each time you heard “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”, you’d probably be a millionaire by now. Case in point, I just said it again. There’s a very good reason everyone insists, though. 

We all judge, at least for a second, which is just a more honest way of saying that first impressions count–another phrase that would be nice to monetize somehow.

Geometric shapes in design

Geometric Shapes in Design: How to Use Them Creatively

Our everyday life means constantly interacting with different objects, which resemble various shapes, from basic to abstract ones.

What’s interesting about shapes is that they can make us feel a certain way. This means that you can use them to create graphic design materials that evoke particular emotions.

A powerful communication strategy is all about pairing the right message with a great design to achieve the desired results.

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Materials Checklist

First impressions are everything, especially for those looking to stand out in highly competitive industries. Real estate marketing materials can inform and establish trust among potential customers while also improving brand awareness, hence putting effort into creating the perfect set of visuals is important.

Whether you’re looking to reach potential buyers and clients, bring in more quality leads, or boost commission intake, one thing is certain—you need to start investing in high-quality real estate marketing materials.