Black Friday & Cyber Monday Banner Design Inspiration and Examples

Looking to create banner ads for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns? Keep on scrolling to get the best banner templates, all designed to catch the eye of potential customers and clients during this time of the year.

We previously shared our best Black Friday marketing tips to maximize your sales revenue during this huge consumer event. Focusing on efficiency, we’d also like to help you save more time and get some inspiration from our best Black Friday banner ads.


Real Estate Marketing: 16 Actionable Tips to Grow Your Business

With so many big real estate players with million-dollar funds and dedicated marketing resources, you can find yourself wondering what your actual chances of selling that house are. As a local realtor, you have several advantages to these industry giants, and all of them are linked to your real estate marketing strategy and personal brand.

We put together an extensive list of actionable real estate marketing tips to help you take your business to the next level:

ad viewability: what is it and how to improve it

The ABCs of Ad Viewability – How to Make Sure That Your Ads Are Seen

Imagine that you are driving by a 14-foot tall billboard that’s facing the wrong way of the road. As a marketer, you think: “Who in their right mind would throw money away on ads that people will never see?”. Though it’s pretty easy to notice if something is off with real-life billboards, things can get a little complicated with digital ads.

Ad viewability is to the internet what standard billboard requirements are to outdoor advertising – you have to make sure that everything has been set up correctly for results to show. Whether you are a PPC newbie or you’d simply like to learn more on this topic, here are all the whys and wherefores of ad viewability: