Healthcare marketing

Healthcare Marketing: The Complete Guide for 2020

According to a CDW Healthcare survey, more than 70% of the respondents said that they would like to receive virtual healthcare visits and advice. Almost 90% want easy access to their medical records. 

These numbers are relevant because they show the importance of the digital sector and that it’s essential to adapt your strategy in delivering personalized services to the people that may be interested in buying and using your products or services.

cool Banner Fonts

Top 35 Cool Banner Fonts You Can Use Right Now

Whether we are talking about serif, sans serif, proportional or monospaced typefaces, one thing’s clear—the font dictates how your brand is perceived by others.

Nowadays, there are thousands of banner fonts available in design tools that you can use to design a banner in just a few minutes.

There are no limits when it comes to banner design besides your own inspiration and imagination.

marketing financial Services

6 Key Marketing Strategies for Financial Services

Before we get into discussing the most optimal strategies for increasing your leads and the number of customers, it’s imperative to point out one major thing—trust is vital. 

Especially when we’re talking about the financial industry, there’s nothing people are more careful about than their personal finances.

And once you earn their trust, you’ll also get their loyalty.

hand lettering fonts

The Finest 103 Hand Lettering Fonts

Fonts are a double-edged sword: they carry the possibility to literally write out texts as well as to express the meaning behind the texts through the font’s style.

Regardless of your job role, using fonts to your advantage can elevate the delivery of the message you’re communicating.

In this article, we’d like to focus on hand-lettered fonts.

Valentines Day design

Design A Heart-Melting Valentine’s Day Banner In Bannersnack

One of the most romantic days of the year is almost here. Chocolate, heart-shaped candies, pink decorations, and love declarations will define this period.

Cupid’s work is done and now it’s our job to do the rest.

Valentine’s Day represents an opportunity to make your brand stand out and increase sales, especially if you’re in the retail, hospitality, entertainment, transportation, or beauty industry. 

Michael Norris - The Drag & Drop Podcast

Cutting Through the Noise Is All About Creating Quality Content – with Michael Norris

Welcome back to the Drag & Drop Show!

There are three main types of marketers out there, all working for similar purposes, but in different organizational structures, dwelling with different resources and budgets. The first type works for a full-grown company, usually as part of its marketing department. The second one operates in a multi-purpose agency, and the other one works as an independent freelancer.