cool banner ads examples

20 Cool Banner Ads Examples Every Marketer Should Know

Are you a marketer or a small business owner running your company’s marketing strategy on your own? Well, if your answer is yes to at least one of these questions, I am sure you already know how difficult is to be successful when dealing with banner ads.

Display advertising has a bad reputation these days and more and more people are using ad blockers to get rid of all the annoying banners that seem to have flooded the online world. We see banners every day on website pages, in our email boxes, on social media and mobile apps.  

However, it doesn’t need to be this way. Some of the ads might be useful if you are looking for specific services or products and this is where marketers come into place.

become a freelancer with bannersnack

Become An Online Marketing Freelancer And Build Your Own Empire

If you’re considering working as an online marketing freelancer, know that you’re part of a big brave pack. You may not associate this type of activity with a large crowd of people. But that’s just because the pack is scattered across the globe, working remotely and functioning on the world wide web’s incredible resources and opportunities. According to Intuit (INTU) CEO Brad Smith, freelancers are currently estimated to account for 34% of the total workforce. Labels like “remote worker”, “digital nomad” or “freelance specialist”, that were once used somewhat ironically, are nowadays common job titles one can find on LinkedIn, online CV databases and on business cards.

Bannersnack 10 years anniversary

Thank You For The First 10 Years With Bannersnack

We can’t believe that 10 years have passed since Bannersnack was launched.

10 years ago, we started with one of the simplest ideas: “Let’s give people the chance to design their own online banners in just a few minutes and without effort.

We wanted so much to help the online community, we wanted to give them the chance to create static and animated banners for their websites.

However, right from the start, we knew that there would be many struggles on our part and we knew that people were already struggling with lots of issues and hardships when they needed to create visual content. You had to download and install certain programs. 

Animated SVG

Bring your website to life with animated SVG

Have you ever wondered how you can create online animations to use everywhere, without losing quality or slowing down your website? The answer is simple: use animated SVG!

You might think they are difficult to create and require coding skills, but that’s not necessarily true.

Read on to learn more about what SVG are, how you can animate them without coding knowledge and where you can use them online to maximize the impact of your design and increase your conversions.

Custom Banner Design

Custom Banner Design – a Faster Way to Get Things Done

With the Holiday season just around the corner, you might be looking for a way to speed up your banner design process, so you can launch your campaigns faster and sell more. But with a busier schedule, how will you be able to cover all the extra work with your existing team?

Don’t worry, as always, we’ve got you covered! We’re here to give you a quick, last-minute suggestion you can use to get the work done faster: try working with a banner design agency that uses Bannersnack! 

music advertisements

The Secrets Of Music Ads Revealed: 10 Gorgeous Banner Ads From The Music Industry

Music artists face many challenges, but they benefit greatly from today’s media advancements. For example, a few decades ago, singers didn’t have the internet to advertise their records and tours. Today, music marketing uses a mix of offline and online channels to promote tours, sell tickets and albums. Music stars must work closely with their advertising agencies to build a unitary and outstanding strategy.

Facebook video cover

Create an Awesome Facebook Cover Video In 3 Minutes

Did you know that you can now create a Facebook cover video in just a few minutes? And, that you can enhance your page and attract more fans and shares simply by doing that? Well, it is true.

And, with this article, I will walk you through the basic steps of video cover creation and at the same time, explain the reasons behind such a process through the latest numbers and of course, some real-life examples.

how to create a landing page for your campaign

How to Design a Landing Page for your Banner Ad Campaign

More than 50% of the overall success of an online advertising campaign comes from the landing page used for the promotion. To put it more specifically, success/failure depends on how optimized the landing page is.

Mastering online advertising takes years, and above all, hundreds if not thousands of campaigns. Launching an online campaign is a team job, and it requires constant communication. From finding a creative concept to designing banner ads and then setting up a landing page, all the elements must be in-line with the main idea and objective.

emotional advertising examples

11 Emotional Advertising Examples Most Used by Brands

Everyone knows that emotional marketing is difficult to do right. Marketers tend to focus on conversion rate, impressions, bounce rates, and bids, and we forget about the emotional appeal in the advertising.

According to the research from PsychologyToday, people respond to the emotional part of the ads a lot more than the text itself.

On the other hand, ads that convey strong emotions often go viral and produce awesome results. The study from HubSpot revealed that the most-shared ads relied on emotional content, including happiness, friendship, and inspiration.