Collaboration And Creativity

How Collaboration and Creativity Lead to Innovation

Leaders realize that in order to prosper in this fast-paced business environment, innovation is vital. To achieve that, collaboration and creativity need to go hand in hand.

Creativity is hard to define because everyone most likely has their own thoughts on what it means.

However, I believe we can all agree that it’s often the first step in the innovation process. 

Lisa Glanz podcast

Overcome Self-Doubt and Build a Career That Suits Your Needs Through Self-Empathy – With Lisa Glanz

Sometimes, the world becomes a difficult place to be. Coping with uncertainty, anxiety, and even sadness for a long time is a big challenge – even more so for creatives who are incredibly perceptive types. That’s why relying on empathy is so vital nowadays.

Empathy gives each of us the ability to create a more peaceful and kinder world, even on the worst of days – especially in the worst of days.

Creative Collaboration

Creative Collaboration: A Reality, Not Just a Buzzword

Collaboration has become a buzzword used by most brands, specialists and psychologists. That’s mainly because creative directors and design managers have to set up a safe environment that enhances the team’s creative collaboration.

In the last few years, workspaces were redesigned to encourage creative collaboration.

We see more and more organizations that are now investing in collaborative tools and martech while aligning their people and processes to achieve long-term digital success through efficient collaboration.

Brittany Berger Podcast

Self-Empathy Is Knowing You’ll Meet Your Goals & Accepting It’ll Take Longer Than Planned – with Brittany Berger

How many of you are familiar with the phrase: ”today I’ll power through all the deadlines, and I’ll rest tomorrow”?

I bet it hits close to home! We all tell ourselves this as a motivation to get things done, but rest never follows because tomorrow is packed with opportunities to hustle, earn more money, and get more projects under our belt.