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A wide selection of banner examples from various industries: Business, Travel, Finance, Corporate, Healthcare, Events, Fashion, Restaurants and many more. You can edit and customize any banner set as you see fit. You can edit them one by one or you can adjust or create entire banner sets using our banner generator.

Instagram Stories Design Templates

Are you looking to design some cool Instagram Stories but you don’t know where to start? This post is for you! Check out the new Instagram Story templates in Bannersnack and learn how to create amazing visuals and animations for your next insta story.

Instagram is mostly visual, so it’s important to pay attention to all the details and use eye-candy colors and shapes, and that’s what we are trying to do with our new templates.

Instagram Stories might disappear after 24 hours, but they do make a lasting impact, so being consistent with your brand while using creative content is always a great idea.

Instagram Story ideas and templates

Our new templates focus on strong, bold colors, to make sure your message stands out. Just push the green button to go to each template, edit them as you like and have fun!

Travel Instagram Stories

We designed the perfect Instagram Story templates if you are a travel blogger or travel agency. Check them out and edit them with your dream destination in mind.

Dream destination Instagram Story

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Free template design for travel bloggers instagram story

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E-commerce Instagram Stories

If you are in the e-commerce game, you might want to add Insta Stories to announce a discount or a special offer.  

Instagram stories for ecommerce sales

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create a sale instagram story

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Instagram Story Template

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Instagram Story Design Inspiration

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Instagram Story Templates for Bloggers

If you are a blogger, you should keep your audience updated at all times. Create mood boards, share your favorite playlist, and use creative design in your Insta Stories.

Instagram Story Moodboard

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Instagram Story share your playlist template

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Instagram Stories for Announcements

Educational content and events can also be promoted with Instagram Stories. here are a few templates that can work great!

instagram story for educational content

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New Instagram Story templates

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AnnoaInstagram Story template for events

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Design Instagram stories

Here’s how you can use and animate our new Instagram templates. Feel free to play with colors, texts, and transitions to make your Instagram Story animations more fun and engaging!


Sports Banner Contest

Sports Month Contest – join the ultimate supporter competition!

Are you ready for the Bannersnack Sports Month Contest?

Here’s how you can support your favorite team AND win a 200$ Amazon Gift card!

Whether you’re a fan of Football, Basketball, Rugby, Cycling, Tennis or Golf we’ve got you covered for this summer! Get ready to support your favorite team and players during the FIFA World Cup, Tour de France, US Open, Wimbledon and Rugby World Cup Sevens!

It’s time for you to show your support & make some noise!

Submit your work made with Bannersnack anytime between 14 June and 22 July

How to enter the competition

  1. Register for a free account on Bannersnack, here.
  2. Choose one of our sports templates to get you started, or start from scratch.
  3. Create your banner – be creative & cool: change the text, images or shapes (remember, you get extra points for originality!)
  4. Save your banner and download it as .jpg or .png
  5. Share it as a comment on the contest pinned post on our Facebook page here.
  6. That’s it, have fun!

What’s in it for me?

You have the chance to support your favorite sport, player or team… but wait, there’s more!

If you are among the few chosen ones, you can win one of the following prizes:

  • Popularity prize – a 150$ Amazon Gift Card + Bannersnack Pro Yearly Subscription
  • Jury Prize – a 200$ Amazon Gift Card + Bannersnack Pro Yearly Subscription

How do we choose the winners?

Jury Prize

The Bannersnack team will be judging all the entries and choose the winner for the jury prize. We’ll be judging your banners based on the following criteria: creativity, overall design quality and originality, and we’ll give each criteria a grade between 1 and 10.

Whoever gets the biggest score by summing up the grades, wins!

Popularity Prize

If you are among the last 10 finalists chosen by our jury, you also have a chance to win the popularity prize! We’ll ask the Bannersnack Community to cast their vote and whoever gets the most votes wins! (we’ll be updating this post with the 10 finalists)

And yes, you can ask your friends to vote for you!

When can I join?
We know you just can’t wait to enter the competition, so here is the timing of the event:

  • 14 June – 22 July – submit your template
  • 22 July – 29 July – our jury chooses the 10 finalists
  • 29 July – 31 July – our jury and our community will judges the finalists!
  • 1 August – we’ll announce the final winners!

Sports Banners

Here you can find the templates we created as a source of inspiration:

You can read the disclaimer and the complete rules here.

*The winners will get their prize before the 6’th of August.

Facebook Cover Templates

The Facebook Cover is the first thing people notice when visiting your Facebook business page. Get inspired by our templates and create your own!

Facebook Cover Templates Banner Inspiration


If you are looking for inspiration to design your next Facebook Cover Photo, now you found it! Just take a look at our templates and choose the one that fits your needs.

Facebook Events Cover Banner

For Events Cover Photos, try to include all the elements you need (like when and where), while still keeping the design fresh and creative! Here’s a template for you!

Facebook event cover template
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Facebook Page Cover Image

To showcase a beauty or fashion product in your Facebook Banner, focus on natural beauty and a great copy with bold fonts. With our templates, you’ll have the perfect Facebook Cover with just a few clicks.

Facebook Cover templates for fashion
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Facebook Profile Cover Photos

Cover photos are not just about business and promotions. Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration for your profile cover photo.

Facebook quotes are still a popular way to get you the motivation you need sometimes, so just choose your favorite quote and start designing Cover Pictures for Facebook.

Facebook quote inspiration
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A great unconventional way to wish someone a happy birthday can be changing your cover photo. Design a cool facebook cover, and don’t forget to have fun!

Facebook Cover Template for Birthday Wishes
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You don’t need designer skills to make a great Facebook cover. Go ahead, create a Bannersnack account for free and start designing!

Furniture Facebook Ads for Interior Design Businesses

furniture facebook ads

If you want your campaigns to be successful and bring you the awareness and leads you want, you need to create ads where your audience is. Facebook post ads are really easy to make, especially when you begin designing them from a template. Check out our furniture templates and then try creating one on your own.

Instagram Stories Ads Templates for Food Bloggers


Instagram is a vibrant, growing community of skillful creatives including food bloggers! If you are one of them, you can use one of these templates to grow your community through ads. Create Instagram Stories fast an easy with the help of our Editor. You can even animate them to give a more professional look to your Instagram Stories Ads.

Beauty Salon Banners for Facebook Covers

If you’re in the beauty industry, you know the importance of looks. That’s why we believe you’ll enjoy these beautiful Beauty Facebook Cover Templates. Check out the cover templates we prepared for your beauty salon and change your Facebook cover today.

Instagram Stories Ads for Lifestyle Bloggers

Instagram Stories Pinterest New


Instagram Stories Ads are what’s hot right now when it comes to Social Media Ads. This is one of the best ways your campaigns and projects can get the attention they deserve. Check out our Instagram Stories Ads Templates for Lifestyle bloggers and try creating one right now. Here’s how you can design one from scratch and then create one in the ad manager .