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Marketing Strategy Rooted in Cannabis Education

Our Marketing Strategy Is Rooted in Cannabis Education – With Janelle Powell

Welcome back to the Drag & Drop Show!

This week we have a pretty exciting episode for you because we are taking a dive into a world that more and more people are interested in: the cannabis community. 

Our guest, Janelle Powell, is the Director of Marketing at Jadeo, Canada’s leading cannabis social network for people who are interested in getting quality information on products, socializing and actually growing the plant.

Linkedin background photo

10 LinkedIn Background Photo Tips That Will Make Your Profile Stand Out

Due to the pandemic, many of us have switched to working from home in the past few months, and networking has moved online. As a result, LinkedIn became more and more popular, reaching 772 million members in October 2020.

The good news is that now it’s easier than ever for professionals worldwide to connect and discuss business. However, to make a powerful impression in the crowded online world of LinkedIn, you’ll need a strong profile that stands out.