How to use RetargetLinks?

How to use RetargetLinks


If you like retargeting…

As you know, retargeting campaigns allows you to stay top of mind with your customers by showing them ads once they’ve left your website as they consider other options or think about it.

Retargeting is one of the fastest-growing strategies for increasing conversions. 68% of agencies and 49% of brands are moving marketing dollars into retargeting.

But what if your target audience never comes to your website? What if your target audience isn’t familiar with your brand?


…you will love link retargeting!

In very simple terms, link retargeting is retargeting on a link: those that click a retarget link, to any destination, will start seeing 15 banner ads over time as they browse the web.

RetargetLinks has made this a reality. The patented service consists in a simple link shortener, like Bitly or Owly, that incorporates retargeting technology.


The magic of link retargeting happens when a person clicks on a link and continues through to their destination.


When a person clicks on a retarget link and is “cookied,” they will start to see up to 15 banner ads over a two-week period as they browse the web.


This makes retargeting customers possible across any channel where a link is shared: email, blogs, articles, social media, affiliate marketing, and even search.

The use of the link shortener and the “cookie-ing” service is free.

You only pay for the ads displayed through the service and the price of the ads is comparable to other retargeting services.


Why we like link retargeting so much?

The customers may have a need for the products, but may never actually go to their website. This means link retargeting is highly effective for two key reasons:

  1. Brands can now advertise based on intent.

When people click on a link, they are showing interest in a particular topic that is likely important to them. This type of timely contextual insight has yet to be leveraged by the major data exchanges like Facebook or Google.

  1. Brands can show ads to users before they engage directly with their content.

People are ten times more likely to click on links posted by credible third-party influencers. Sharing these links is a great way to subtly start showing retargeted ads related to this content.


Setting your own link retargeting campaign

You can start running your very own link retargeting campaign by following the below steps:

  1. Find a link that you’d like to use across your marketing channels and shorten the link in your RetargetLinks Links Dashboard.

  1. Share your shortened link via social media, articles, blogs, email, search campaigns or any other channel.

  1. Create an ad campaign in your RetargetLinks Ad Dashboard by uploading your ads and setting your budget. (Very soon, you’ll be able to use your Bannersnack tool directly within your RetargetLinks dashboard!)

  1. Watch your ads dashboard to measure impressions, clicks and conversions! 


What are some ways to use link retargeting?

You can apply link retargeting in a number of different ways. We’ve outlined three examples below for how to incorporate retargeted links into your everyday marketing efforts.

  1. Content retargeting

Sharing value-add content is a great way to engage potential customers. If you replace your traditional link with a retargeting link, you’re then able to show retargeted ads only to those people who clicked to read more. Note: this can be a link to a third-party trusted source.

As an example, if someone clicks on a retargeted link to read about “Best Tips for Curly Hair,” you can then start showing them ads for curly-hair products as they browse the web.

  1. Search retargeting

Similar to content retargeting, you can use retargeted short links right within your AdWords campaign! This allows you to capture people’s attention with value-add content, and at the same time start showing them retargeted ads. Learn more here.

  1. Email retargeting

Use shortened retargeting links right within your email campaigns to segment your database and show relevant ads based on the links they click. Pampers used this technique and was able to show more tailored ads to their readers, something that was not possible before.



How to get started?

Link retargeting is simple and free to use with RetargetLinks.

Create an account by shortening your first link here, and start setting your banner ads free!