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How to make Google Approve you banner ad Bannersnack banner maker

Infographic: Make Google Approve Your Banner Ad


In the last twenty years, the online changed the marketing experience both for the marketers and customers.

Since the birth of the banner ads in 1994, the marketing world took a dramatic turn to the online. When Google introduced search engine ads and Pay Per Click in 2004 – the concept, style and strategies to get customers reinvented the online interaction. 

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How to write the perfect banner ad copy – 4 simple steps

If you’re thinking of running an advertising campaign and you don’t know where or how to start, you’ve come to the right place. Probably one of the biggest challenges when you want to start a campaign are the creatives: how should your banner ads look like? More importantly: what copy should go on the banner?

Coming up with what to say is the hardest part whenever you’re creating something. Banner ads are no exception. Don’t let size mislead you. Though small, that 728×90, 160×600 or 300×250 banner ad holds one of the keys to your online advertising campaign’s success.