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In-site banners

When you say “banners” or “flash banners” people tend to think of banner ads. That’s because usually web banners are by definition a form of online advertising. And you too probably use them to advertise…

But how about placing your own banners on your own website? I’m talking about banners that lead to another page within your website. This way you could “advertise”…

  • a promotion or a special offer,
  • an article or any content you’d like your visitors to read
  • a new product
  • a newsletter or subscription
  • your blog
  • etc.

To loop or not to loop, that is the question!

Looping banners are flash or GIF banners that play their animation over and over again. They are pretty common in the online advertising industry because they continuously tell their story and draw the users’ attention.

However the IAB guidelines recommend that a banner’s animation length should be of maximum 15 seconds, including multiple loops.

So the question is whether you should use looping or not.

Well the answer is – again – it depends.