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How to make Google Approve you banner ad Bannersnack banner maker

Infographic: Make Google Approve Your Banner Ad


In the last twenty years, the online changed the marketing experience both for the marketers and customers.

Since the birth of the banner ads in 1994, the marketing world took a dramatic turn to the online. When Google introduced search engine ads and Pay Per Click in 2004 – the concept, style and strategies to get customers reinvented the online interaction. 

New feature on Bannersnack: Add embed object to a banner ad. Part 2 – Media and other Widgets

As I showed you before in the previous article, Bannersnack stepped up its game and redesigned the way a modern banner should look like. The applications for this particular feature are limitless, due to the high number of embeddable elements, provided by all sorts of websites and platforms.

Of course, we want you guys to know which are those websites, so we made a list featuring the most popular ones.

New feature on Bannersnack: Add embed object to a banner ad. Part 1 – Social Media

A Skype call button, a Facebook post, and a Pinterest board walk into a banner and order some conversions. This might sound like the beginning of a joke that only I would find it funny, but it’s not. This is actually one of our newest feature that we’ve just launched a few days ago, and boy we love it! The “add embed/HTML code” feature enables the user to add all kinds of elements through the embed code.