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Bannersnack Design Talk Kyle Courtright

Bannersnack Design Talk “On-Going Learning Is The Name Of The Game” via Kyle Courtright


We are all familiar with that moment when you want to design a banner or a logo, but you have an annoying lack of inspiration. As a designer, you probably encounter this problem quite often.

When it comes to logos, Kyle Courtright is your go-to guy. In the pursuit of finding, as he said, “high caliber logos”, he realised that there are no resources for this task. This is how Logo Inspiration Generator Tool was born.  

Bannersnack Design Talk “I’ve had a website since 1997” via Lola Landekic

Bannersnack Design Talk Lola Landekic

Today we are talking with Lola Landekic. She is the Graphic Designer of OCAD University and the Managing Editor of Art of the Title. Also she has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of Toronto and a master’s in design from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

You will find about her first steps in her career, how she keep her ideas fresh and who are her role models.