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Why Snapchat, Video Marketing and Podcasting will lead 2016

Each day, in the digital industry, we are all trying to keep up with the latest trends. We follow the most influential people’s blog, we are present on (almost) all of the social networks and we always know what’s happening out there. We do this in order to create better content, to publish better ads, to make a bigger impact. We have to keep up, because we have to know what our audience loves and we have to offer it on a silver plate, in the best possible moment.

Why you need to reconsider the death of the banner ad

The banner ad turned 20 in October last year. Along the way, many have praised its death countless times and others have publicly expressed their disdain.

Still, the banner ad remains the primary way for publishers to make money online and it is backed by some advertising professionals.

No doubt, the banner ad gets the blame for most of what’s wrong with the internet today: poor user experience, a lack of a solid and unitary privacy policy, intrusiveness and lagging effectiveness for display advertising.

But is it correct to blame the banner ad for everything?

4 less talked about, but important display advertising trends in 2015

In October 2014, Google wowed the world when they released the surprising stat that only 44,6% of online impressions are viewable. This gave birth to a heated debate on viewability and on how it will affect display advertising in 2015.

Undoubtedly, viewability will be a much-discussed topic this year, along with mobile usage growth, the rise in programmatic ad buying, content marketing buzz and native ads. These topics received a lot of attention from the media and thus have emerged as key trends and predictions for online advertising in 2015.

Display 2015: Smart and Sexy! Google’s 7 predictions for display advertising in 2015.

Why Google think display advertising is about to go through the biggest and most important revolution in its history? They made seven predictions about where display advertising will be in 2015 as part of Google’s “Watch This Space” campaign, to close the program at Advertising Week’s IAB Mixx Conference and Expo with their presentation named “Display 2015: Smart and Sexy”: